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The motivation for this week's column was the 2017 Grammy Awards, held yearly for all areas of music. Extra particularly, it was the showdown between pop superstars Adele, who's white, and Beyonce, who's black. Adele is the full-figured gal from England with the luxuriant voice, who does not dance. On the polar reverse, we have now American-born Beyonce who along with possessing a uniquely soulful voice and an athletic physique has gyratory dance strikes that crowns her the "Booty-Shakin' Queen"!

Adele did stroll away the general winner for the 2017 Grammy's, and, sure, some Left Wing media and ethnic rabble rousers have turned it right into a "Black vs. White" debacle. Nevertheless, "music" shouldn't be the focus right here. Slightly, the focus is the "Black Energy Motion." When you're confused, that is okay. Hopefully, although, you will be enlightened by the closing.

*October 1966, Oakland California: Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, each African-American, shaped the "Black Panther Celebration/BPP." Borrowing from the doctrines of Malcolm X, the BPP was the black group's response to alleged white police brutality towards blacks. The unique BPP uniform consisted of black shirt, black pants, black leather-based jacket, and black beret. Nonetheless, it wasn't lengthy earlier than the uniform was complemented by 12-gauge shotguns, .45 handguns, and ammunition bandoliers. Chapters popped up in different cities, and the BPP marched defiantly in public. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover labeled it as "the best menace to the interior safety of the nation."

*April Four, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee: Reverend Martin Luther King/MLK, the strongest voice ever for the Civil Rights Motion, was slain by a single sniper's bullet. Nice was the outcry over MLK's assassination, so nice that black militant Stokely Carmichael, who's credited with coining the phrase "Black Energy," instructed black followers to "Get your gun!" Certainly, many followers complied with Carmichael's firebrand rhetoric, and rioting broke out all throughout the country--America was getting ready to an all-out civil conflict!

April 18, 1968: James Earl Ray, a white profession felony and fugitive on the run, was named as

MLK's murderer. Till the FBI's manhunt for 9/11 financier Osama bin Laden, the manhunt for

Ray was the most important within the Bureau's historical past, a reported three,000 brokers assigned to monitoring down

Ray. Ray was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on June eight, 1968. With Ray's arrest, the racial warmth in America cooled down a number of levels.

(NOTE: Underneath extremely questionable circumstances, Ray entered a "responsible plea" within the MLK assassination on March 10, 1969, and acquired a 99-year sentence. Ray died from liver illness April 23, 1998. Many are of the opinion that Ray didn't shoot MLK.)

*October 16, 1968; Olympic Video games; Mexico Metropolis, Mexico: Tommie Smith and John Carlos, each black, have been America's premier sprinters. On that October 16 morning at these 1968 Video games,

Smith gained the 200-meter race with a world-record time of 19.83 seconds, and Carlos completed third with a time of 20.10 seconds. After the race, Smith and Carlos walked to the rostrum to obtain their medals: gold for Smith and bronze for Carlos. Each have been shoeless, which was symbolic of "black poverty." Smith wore a black scarf round his neck, symbolic of "black satisfaction." Because the American nationwide anthem "Star-Spangled Banner" blared by means of the audio system,

Smith and Carlos, every, lowered his head, and every raised a black-gloved "fist" within the air. This was in stark defiance to Olympic protocol, which was: arms down by their sides, heads up, dealing with the flag, and respectfully listening to the Anthem.

Although closely booed by the gang, and shortly demonized by the media and Olympic

Committee, Smith and Carlos have been additionally hailed as civil rights heroes by many. The photograph capturing the "black-gloved, raised fist" second was headlines information everywhere in the world." It has been referred to as some of the "overtly political statements" in Olympic-civil rights historical past. Okay and my level is ...? Truly, it's a two-part one:

(1) A "clenched fist within the air" is the Black Energy image as a result of it stands for "resistance and self-defense." Historians declare the fist salute has been used since historic occasions.

(2) Beyonce Knowles performing on the 2016 Tremendous Bowl/50: Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers.

Accompanied by a big troupe of black feminine dancers, Beyonce got here out throughout halftime at Tremendous Bowl 50. All of the above have been scantily clad in strong black, with Beyonce sporting an ammunition bandolier, and backing dancers sporting black berets. The music was nice, the dancing sexually suggestive. Sooner or later through the efficiency Beyonce and dance mates raised left fists within the air, a tribute to "Black Lives Matter." Nevertheless, there exist photographs of the dancers with raised proper fists, an apparent tribute to the Black Panther Celebration.

As soon as once more, I used to be baffled at what number of adults--including African-People--knew nothing relating to the "historical past" between the 1968 Olympics and Beyonce's Tremendous Bowl 50- Black Energy assertion.

(NOTE: Beyonce and husband, music mogul Jay Z, expect twins. They've a Four-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy Carter.)